Jun 16

Stockholm Esomar Digital Dimensions Conference

Stockholm 11 PM - white night cityscape

Jun 08

Keep blogging


This was the key advice in an article I recently read. So here we go…

May 04

Back. And better than ever


My wordpress core got corrupted due to a rogue plugin so my admin was inaccessible for months. Now, after a long overdue manual install… The digital marketing testing ground is back:

Jan 27

Small is beautiful


Many web and marketing pros argue that your future lies in your specialization. That you need to pick a small niche and cater to those people and nobody else. Fair enough. But what if your niche is really small. What if there is no room to grow. You cannot really build a midsize company on …

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Jan 26

Anthropomorph technology


Why is it that the web is the only i dustry where user and usability testing almost never involves real users? Is it because it is so cheap? Or what? You sit in a can and you can tell the engineer sat in that cockpit in his office before it was finalised. You pick up …

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Jan 26

Tell me this is a joke…


Joke #1 This bloke whose name is not worthy of mention comes to me with a mail, selling textlinks from 1900 blogs. Joke #2 Gmail does not flag this as spam. I mean how much more obvious does this need to get? No Joke. You know what… I’ll talk to this dude to see how …

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Jan 25

Illicit minor


Spammers are banned from social communities. I have not been banned from social communities. Therefore I am not a spammer. I bump into this fallacy way too often. Accompa ied by the anecdotal affirmation that our competition is much worse thus we are in fact little angels. False. Our own behaviour in social media is …

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Jan 25

Optimus prime – the cicada principle


At school we learn that prime numbers are all about divisibility, or its lack thereof. But they actually are more about multiplication. Primes are nature’s way to eradicate recurring faulty patterns. Say you are a bug that lives ungerground for years until one day you wake up and it’s time to mate. If you do …

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Jan 24

The gates of change

Yep. The ones that can only be opened from inside. Yep. The ones that keep your organization’s status quo. Yep. The ones that protect existing circles of interest. Yep. The ones that keep today’s winner where they are. Yep.  The ones that keep all those people busy. Yep. The very ones that safeguard you today …

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Jan 24

Measure of a man


What’s a good digital marketer like? Tech savvy. OK. Sociable. Fine. Learned in the SEO and the social media toolset. Friendly and respectful. Driven and independent. Quick learner. All good, mate. All good. So how do you measure all these? Give me the KPIs we can quantify that will unambiguously mean that I have a …

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