Nov 17

Mobile Blogging – What do I know about it?


Currently I am running 3 blogs myself and host probably another 5 or so for friends and family. I wrote over 500 posts for these blogs in the last 12 months. More than 800 over the past one and a half years. And I can’t remember the last time I posted using a proper desktop or even a laptop for that matter.

Annually I take around 10,000 pictures. Shoot about 2500 videos. 90% of these with a phone. I actually stopped taking cameras with me when I travel. The smartphone equipment is simply so good in terms of quality that I am willing to accept the limitations in return for the convenience.

Every year I help others set up 20+ websites. For fun as well as for business. I help them figure out what they want to sayand what to sell. What domain to buy. How to set up the site and how to tweak it.

I also run 2-3 meetups in London for web analytics folks a year. I have a background in telecoms used to worked there for a mobile software development company for quite a few years and do know a little about mobile technology from the inside.

If you have a good idea, let me know. We’ll make it work.

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