Sep 21

What we know about the unknown


Say you have a few tens of thousands of email only subs and people keep telling you they don’t know anything about these people because the CRM only has the emails.

So be it. It is plenty.

You know who signed up with their business email address. Just remove everyone with gmail, yahoo, hotmail, meme or web.de and verizon addresses. Them lot are your consumer segment. Whoever is left is a business user.

Also, you can tell almost every location but the United States. You can compile beautiful segments for say western Europe: .de .at .uk .fr .es etc. You can pull LatAm: .br .uy .ec and so on. APAC: .in .pk. .cn .sg .my is a good start.

So what’s the best you can do with these segments? Even if nothing else comes up: use them for testing. 1% in a 10k list is another hundred people reading your mail.

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