Oct 15

An example of creating a B2B content strategy


I’ll walk you through how i created the current content strategy for this blog.

Once you know what you want to achieve and who you are targeting, everything falls into place. From topicc to formats, from writers to editors, from text to video, from blogs to wikis, everything will find its rightful place.


I want to attract new digital marketing projects into my life that require the experience of a content strategist. I am looking for new challenges, puzzles that look impossible.

Target market

Whoever owns a big enough challenge, one on a global scale, one that requires technical, marketing and people skills isy man. Senior marketers, c-suite members, VPs with a challenge to face are all people I can help.

Keyword strategy
I am focusing only on organic search as they are the people I found most engaged. SEO will be my main traffic driver with social only as an auxiliary source. The actual keyword focus on three niches: content, marketing and social media; the angles cover management, strategy and policy; the drivers and painpoints focus on success and failure mainly through examples.

The very title of this article demonstrates this well. Someone who is interested in reading about a content strategy example is the kind of person I can help. So feel free to contact me here.

Conversion strategy

Micro or macro, a good conversion is hard to find. While I will appreciate any increase in average visit duration, my main goal is to engage you through the content: get you to share and duscuss your views in comments; or even better, get you to contact me directly to see how I can help your business.


Do you think this strategy is too short? Too simple? Lacks a snazzy corporate letterhead? Leave a comment!

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