Dec 26

Technorati status update

My overall Technorati Authority is 101, thus I rank 36727 – worth exactly nothing.

My Business Authority is also 101, my Rank: 2943, value is zilch.

I also have Small Business Authority which is 120, that puts me as high as 1590 – yepee, wake me up when I am #1.

Started a few new things: Technology Authority: 1, Rank: 12457 and also Info Tech Authority: 1, and the prestigious rank of 6710.

Analytics data for the past 3 months:

technorati.com 8 visits 1.88 pages/visit 00:01:06 average time 62.50% new traffic 25.00% bounce rate

What could I say? Maybe it just ain’t worth it? Maybe.


  1. Fiona Campbell

    So, did you decide to ditch Technorati or did you persevere with it? I ask because I’m having endless problems with it – they keep failing to update from blog feeds and authority just tanks because your posts end up showing as weeks old even when you’ve posted several times since the last crawl. On their help forums, there are loads of people posting about this exact same problem, so it seems to be quite common! :( I’d love a conclusive opinion on whether it is worth it or if I should just cut my losses and delete my profile. 😉 Thanks x

    1. Lefty


      I would not ditch it. It is a decent link and gives me high quality – low volume, very low, traffic. I just see it as a one-time thing, register once and then forget it.

      I have been experimenting with Alexa and Ad.Age Power 150 and with very similar conclusions, it is defo worth the effort to get registered but none of these will be worthy referrers.

      Who is your biggest referrer?

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