Mar 20

The content is you – Digital Cream London


Three roundtables around an area of your choice with or without a sponsor.

Firts one was on multichannel attribution with a sponsor sme and an organiser moderator. Some people have 2 sophisticated analytics and tagging systems in place yet practically know little more than I do using testing and our crm. Sponsor seems to think that attribution is only possible if you have a paid tool to do that. Takeaway: Integration whether with legacy or third party systems is a major painpoint for everyone.

Second, email marketing with a vocal sponsor and a nonmoderating moderator. Interesting stats and arguments but very one-sided monologue instead of the usual roundtable discussion. Sad to see how many people are not growing their databases.

Last one on brand management and protection. Luxury automotive meets b2c branch of softdrink retailer meets public sector cultural service provider meets marketing publisher meets conference guy. Key takeaway: we have no control, the best we can have is influence.

Met a few nice people potential talent as well that was worth the scouting but very little actual usable takeaway. This is the State of the Industry in 2013.

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