Mar 26

The unfollowed


Twitter is actually quite cool. But as a B2B tool it is challenging. One thing that a brand needs to understand is that it needs to dominate while still has to remain personable.

You need to follow quite a few people while you also need to make sure you following is even larger. Hence the question: who do you unfollow?

Seomoz’s followerwonk has become a pretty nifty tool, so go on, analyse the people you follow. Here is the batch you want to unfollow.

People with no followers other than you. Hardly unlikely they will RT you to a hundred people.

People who follow zero people. They are the impersonal account you dont want to be.

People who have not tweeted for 2-3 years. Or ever…

This should improve the ratio and will also help you focus on growth elsewhere. More on who to follow later…

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