Aug 23

This is a tough one: the challenges of B2B social media strategy


B2B tends to be slower in adopting new technologies and channels when it comes to customer acquisition. Hence while many consumer focused companies have now half a decade of social media experience, B2Bs are just stepping onto the learning curve.

So this is a guide to senior decision makers on what they can expect and what they should not when it comes to social media in the B2B space.

Losing control

Get used to it. Social media is a channel where you have influence but no control. Moreover, the harder you are trying to exert control, the more it gets out of hand.

B2B social media strategy tip: do not give your social account management to someone junior in marketing and pr or a senior marketing person who knows nothing about social media.

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Brand entity lacks influence leverage

Your voice and credibility weight less than that of average Joe Blog’s. Brands and corporate accounts are seen as less trustworthy and reliable than friends and other people.

B2B social media strategy tip: Consciously and actively build a group of brand advocates online. (If you need help doing it, get in touch with me.)

Hundreds of spokespeople

Your company already has that. Every employee now has a little marketing and PR agency of friends and family. And as work is a big part of life, these people already mention your company and products. Get used to it. Channel it. Teach best practice. Advocate it. Demonstrate it.

B2B social media strategy tip: Mention and showcase a few of your colleagues in social media. It shows you care and also earns respect.

Protecting brands and people

Monitoring is a big part in social media management. Your strategy needs not only focus on the usuals like company, brand and product names, but also mentions of your senior stakeholders and their accounts.

On top of this, you should also do a second tier where you monitor your topic keywords for mentions, and keep an eye out for your competitors’ names, products and brands.

B2B social media strategy tip: Automate scanning and monitoring. (I can help you set it up free.)

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