Dec 13

Update to the SEO vs Social media experiment

SEO Management and Social Media Management – Clash of the Niches

social media management london, seo management kent experimentOver the weekend, as I was doing some keywor research I found these two niches that are right up my street: Social Media Management London and SEO Management Kent.

Good news is that both my pages and my post have been crawled and indexed. What is even better is that I rank on the first page for both. In fact, for seo management kent I rank #2-3-4. The page, the post, the tag. It is just about as good as it gets.

Ok. I admit. They are both small niches. But they are exactly the terms SEO companies should be fighting really hard for. At least harder than they are now. And of course it does raise a question about the state of the industry both locally and across the UK. Maybe even the pros don’t take their own SEO management seriously enough? Then how can they undertake the seo management of others?

social media management london, seo management kent experimentProbably the biggest lesson for all those who now do not rank on the first page is that you have to knkw your industry and your customers. It is again the human factor that is decisive here. SEO management (in Kent as much as everywhere else) is about knowong how people think. Knowing what your customers want.

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