Sep 27

Why a B2B web strategy is different


I always struggle when I need to hire someone new for a digital marketing position in B2B. Not because of the skillsets but because people with a B2C background have mistaken assumptions about how B2B works. They tend to believe that bigger is better, and quicker is better.

But when they face an 18 month purchasing cycle, they don’t know how to handle it. Or when a single sale transaction that is worth over $2m takes 6 months to find, they just can’t take it.

This is the backdrop to why a B2B web strategy needs to be different.

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Your sale begins with education not marketing

Normally you’d assume the job of your marketing team would be to go out there, round up a herd of  potential customers and then drive them to your meadows to graze. Nope.

You target the shepherds who need to know a lot of things. They need to know how to build up a sustainable herd. Manage livestock effectively. Keep an eye on the predators. Eliminate genetic defects and infectious diseases in the herd. Without ever mentioning your meadow, your marketing department has a task of educating the shepherd about the how, the what, the when and the where.

Because he learns to trust that source, will be more inclined to listen to that source, buy from it, recomment it to a friend or his boss…

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Your sale begins with strategy not product features

And it is actually his boss that a good B2B web strategy addresses. That guy owns a lot of cows and sheep so he is always on the lookout for new opportunities and for improvements to his old ways. He needs advice about future proof business models. Breeding new resistant species. Reducing competitive and predatory threats.

What this means for your B2B web strategy

You need to focus on the business stakeholder not the sheep. You may be selling grass but you need to sell it to the boss. Focus on area that address the challenges of the different decision makers at different stages of their path.

To stick to the example:
The security officer will worry about predatory risks differently when:
Establishing a new flock in an existing location
Starting a new flock in a brand new unknown geo
Flock is in local transit
There is a sudden infestation of a yet unknown predator

Create content that addresses all those issues, in depth, without ever listing the features of your wonderful product.

Need help creating your company’s B2B web strategy?
Drop me a line or contact me on Linkedin.

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