Jan 07

Where Analytics Meets Social – Omniture Meetups in New York, Chicago, Boston and London

Online Community Management – Real Life Meetups

Analytics meetups - Omniture CommunityJust wanted to let you all know that following the ramp up of the Omniture community I started back in November 2011, we just finished a series of real-world meetups for analyst in North America and the UK.

I am greatly indebted to a lot of people who helped me make it happen. So my many thanks go to the Adobe social and marketing teams in the US: Carl Steffens, Rachel Luxemburg and Matt Rozen. The Omniture community meetups would not have been possible without their relentless support.

  • For hosting the New York meetup, I’m most grateful to Benjamin Gaines.
  • For the meeting in Boston, I owe a lot to Judah Phillips and Jonathan Corbin.
  • For the meetup in Chicago, my thanks go to John Wallace of the Acquity Group and Marianne Llewellyn.

If you are a regular reader, you know I like quoting from letters, so here is the one I wrote up after the London meetup that I hosted.

Dear All,

Thank you all for making last night’s analytics meetup such a pleasant one, I hope you all enjoyed it and also benefitted from it professionally.

Let me take the opportunity to say a special thank you to our Adobe hosts, Neil Morgan and Simon Morris, for their generous hospitality. I am also greatly indebted to Cassandra Faria for her invaluable support in the organisation and management of the event. I’d like to express my special thanks to Mike Quinn and Jan Exner for the insider’s view on the Omniture EMEA Summmit. (Reminder: early bird registration is now on – and remember, they sell out early.)

Kind regards


Finally, I’d like to thank you all for joining us last night, because it was you who made the meetup special. Feedback, suggestions and Linkedin invites are welcome.


  1. Judah

    Thanks Lefty. Happy to help – looking forward to collaborating with you again.


    1. Lefty

      Hey Judah,

      I really really appreciate your help. Let me know when you are throwing your next DAT meetup in the UK, and I’ll do my best to return the favour. (And you can actually get me the pint you promised a while back.)


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